Simply better beef.

Serve only the best.

Serving Swift® beef ensures your meal features juicy, flavorful beef. That’s why our focus never wavers from the things that make our beef better: offering extensive and diverse products, bringing an unbeatable value to the marketplace and, of course, providing a product with excellent flavor that never disappoints. It’s all about producing a consistent product that meets the needs of our customers.


In 1855, Gustavus F. Swift bought his first steer, opened a butcher shop, and began building a brand that would quickly develop a legacy of excellence. Swift had an unwavering dedication to offer the most tender and delicious beef for his friends and neighbors. Driven to always supply satisfying beef, his passion still inspires us today, as Swift® is the world’s leading brand of beef.

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Quality beef enhances favorite recipes and makes the best meals. Available across quality grades—USDA Prime, Choice, and Select—our beef is held to the highest industry standards. We utilize third-party video auditing to monitor quality, food safety, and animal welfare.

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Customers all over the world trust Swift® beef for flavor, juiciness, and consistency. With a comprehensive product offering and customizable mix of the freshest available products, quality and consistency is the focus of the Swift® brand. We’re committed to providing great value—every cut, every meal.

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Don’t let the best you have done so far be the standard for the rest of your life.
— Gustavus F. Swift, Founder